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Landscape structure mediates the effects of a stressor on field vole populations - new paper

A new ALMaSS paper has been published, currently online first in the journal Landscape Ecology. DOI 10.1007/s10980-013-9932-7  link

There is a pdf deposited in the pdf library. This is an important piece of work demonstrating how landscape strucuture can effect the results of pesticide risk assessments for small mammals.

Abstract: Spatio-temporal landscape heterogeneity has rarely... (see more)

New* ALMaSS paper

A new* paper using ALMaSS has been published: Parry HR, Topping CJ, Kennedy MC, Boatman ND, Murray AWA (2013) A Bayesian sensitivity analysis applied to an Agent-based model of bird population response to landscape change. Environmental Modelling & Software 45(0):104-115

Abstract: Agricultural land management has important impacts on land use and vegetation that can rapidly induce ecosystem change. Birds... (see more)

Goose Model first prototype running

The new goose management model is running in first prototype version. The current version only deals with foraging of non-breeding pink-footed geese but is now functional and awaiting full parameterisation.

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Skylark post-hoc POM paper published in PLoS ONE

Modelling Skylarks (Alauda arvensis) to Predict Impacts of Changes in Land Management and Policy: Development and Testing of an Agent-Based Model

Topping CJ, Odderskær P, Kahlert J (see more)

Evaluating hunting strategies for management of goose populations in Denmark

This is a new project starting as of today. The main aim is to develop a tool for adaptive management of goose populations during their stay in Denmark. The primary focus species is the Pink-Footed Goose, although we will probably also take Greylag and Barnacle Goose into the model on a more or less equal footing.

Primary drivers to be implemented are the physical map, weather, hunting (and other human related mortalities), food resource dynamics and inter- and intra-specific... (see more)